6 Healthcare Website Design Tips for 2021

6 Healthcare Website Design Tips for 2021

With a projected total market valuation of more than $2 trillion by 2025, healthcare organizations must find innovative strategies to reach patients online. According to Frost & Sullivan, the majority of growth is propelled by telehealth and artificial intelligence.

Below are healthcare website design trends that almost certainly will shape the future of online patient engagement.

1 – Simple & Minimalistic Layout Designs

Everybody is trying to make it in the healthcare industry, and this is one of the many reasons people are talking about healthcare design. However, following a trend is not enough; you need to be ahead of it. Minimalism has been the most significant trend in the last couple of years, and designers are still working hard to create stunning minimalist spaces that will leave everybody speechless.

There are different advantages of minimalistic website designs, but we found the most important is fast speed. According to Pingdom, websites that load in 2 seconds have an average 9% bounce rate, while those that load within 4 seconds have a 38% bounce rate.

2 – Color Psychology – Comfortable Colors

The color scheme is not something you should disregard when it comes to the design of your healthcare website. The color scheme you choose for your brand will make a difference in how your patients view your practice. Colors affect the way people feel, act and think about something.

For example, whiteness is shown to calm people, typically found in medical offices and treatment facilities. By using this color on your healthcare website, you evoke trust from your patients–this is crucial to building relationships with your patients and ensuring their satisfaction.

However, more different colors can be used, including lighter shades of green and blue. Green represents positive growth, and excitement while blue is known for creating serenity and tranquility.

Therefore, it is necessary to implement color psychology correctly to get high engagement and more conversions.

3 – Font Psychology

The next trend that continues to thrive in 2021 is bold typography. The ultimate goal of the website is to help people, and if your people aren’t able to read quickly, it will frustrate the audience.

Your font size should be good on all devices, from desktop PC to the small-screen mobile phone.

Our Medical WordPress Experts don’t recommend using more than three types of fonts.

Sans Serif continues to thrive in medical industry websites.

4 – Website Speed

Website speed continues to hurt the business of many businesses, and it is one of the critical factors in search engine optimization.

The website’s speed should be less than 2 seconds, and in the medical industry, it has become more critical as people are often in a hurry.

Different factors can hurt your website speed, including images, videos, PDFs, hosting, and other related server details.

5 – Easy Navigation

A complicated navigation bar can take away people from the website.

A website should have a simple, elegant, and friendly navigation bar so people can find what they are looking for easily.

In the medical industry, it is also necessary to keep navigation simple on all sizes of screens.

6 – Content Marketing

The content of the website should be in easy and simple wording. You do not want to use lengthy paragraphs but to design to look sleek to the eyes.

If the website does not present content correctly, people won’t wait to understand the formatting.

A simple, sleek, and clean layout is the way forward in 2021 trends.

Final Thoughts

Designing a website for patients can be tricky, especially with the growing expectations of digital experiences. As we head into 2021, the trends in patient-facing websites are changing. By aligning yourself not only with your patients’ new expectations but also with your competitors, you’ll be ahead of the game from the very start!

Therefore, if you want a sleek, professional, and patient expectation-oriented website, contact us today for a free consultation.


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