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Your website is the first point of contact with your potential customers, and your customers can decide in less than two minutes whether to work with you or not.

Your website is by far the most important marketing tool for your company, and if your site is outdated, slow, and buggy, your customers will quickly take their business elsewhere.

Let’s give your website the maintenance and updates that an asset deserves.

WordPress Website Maintenance Service

Why is it mandatory to maintain your WordPress website monthly?

WordPress is a great platform for custom website building, but it must be updated on a regular basis to stay up to date with all the latest security fixes and bug fixes. Regardless of the size or scope of your website, updating your website on a regular basis is imperative to keeping your website secure.

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Every week and month, new versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes are released to keep up with the security level. If you do not keep up with updates, plugins may start conflicting with each other, themes and builders may stop working on certain browsers, and your whole website could become vulnerable.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong before you take action.

WordPress Website Maintenance

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Here is what we do to keep your website maintained and secured

24-7 UpTime Monitoring Service

Website Backups

Website Security Scans

Website Performance Scans

WordPress Core System Updates

WordPress Theme and Plugin Updates

Website Security Upgrades

Mobile Optimization

Speed Optimization

Domain Monitoring

SSL Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization Fixes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress maintenance?

WordPress maintenance is a process that involves assessing, reviewing, and evaluating all the pending updates, performance scans, and security recommendations. Keeping all the themes, plugins, and add-ons up to date avoids possible security issues that can break the websites or compromise the website data and files.

Why WordPress maintenance is important?

Keeping your WordPress maintained helps secure your website and keep it compatible with the latest web standards.

How frequently do you do WordPress updates?

Depending upon the website's size, we run updates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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