Does Your Dental Practice Have These 5 Common Mistakes?

Does Your Dental Practice Have These 5 Common Mistakes?

You have worked hard to create a dental practice in a convenient location in the heart of the community. You hired a skilled and experienced staff and invested in the latest technology. But you’re still falling short of your goals when it comes to attracting new patients, and you’re not quite sure what you can do about it.

There are many ways to get more dental patients, including advertising, offering special discounts, or even hiring a dentist marketing company. However, the first thing that you should do is evaluate your dental website.

1 – Your Dental Website Design Is Not Responsive

At least $2.6 billion is lost in revenue every year because of a slow website, as per WebFx. If you only increase your website speed by 1 second, it can increase 7 percent in conversion as per the same research.

Your dental website is not any different. Why would patients wait for you if you are not focusing on your website design, overall performance, and functions? They can quickly close your website tab and move to other recommended dentists in the area.

2 – Your Dental Website Is Not Appearing On Searches

According to Moz, 75 percent of people make decisions by looking at the first page of results. Just think about that for a moment. If your dental practice is not showing up on the first page, you lose out on potential patients every day.

In fact, 51 percent of the traffic on the website comes from organic search, and the organic traffic can generate over 40 percent of revenue, as per HubSpot. Therefore, you cannot ignore the search engine optimization that can drive considerable revenue every year.

3 – You Are Not Focusing On Web Presence

Creating a website is the first step for any business to get online, but it’s not enough to have a beautiful dental website. You still need to appear in many places to be easy to find by your dentist patients.

Social media can be a great way to reach out to people you would not usually be able to connect with as a dentist. That is because using social media gives you access to people who otherwise would not visit your office. In 2020, as per Statista, 223.03 million people used social media alone in the United States. Furthermore, 323.07 million people will join social media by 2026, as per the same research.

4 – You Have Little To No Online Reviews

In 2020, at least 87 percent of people read online reviews for local businesses, as per BrightLocal. However, the same research showed that if a business has less than 4 stars, only 48 percent would consider using it.

If you do not have Google My Business, Yelp, and other local profile pages, it will cause people to go to other dentists.

Remember, people will not schedule an appointment with a doctor that does not have any reviews.

5 – You Are Not Offering Online Booking

In the world of modern dentistry, scheduling an appointment with the dentist doesn’t have to be time-consuming or inconvenient.

As per Black Book Market Research, 97 percent of people expect to have an online scheduling option from providers.

Nexerasoft’s Dental Website Experts also recommended having an online scheduling function to get maximum conversions if patients visit your dental website. So, if you are not offering online scheduling, you are potentially losing many bookings.

Final Thoughts

Your dental practice discount and offers are great. But now, it is time to not miss the new appointments with new patients. Getting a beautiful website, adding scheduling functions, and improving your online presence can make a big difference in your dental practice. Also, read the 6 Healthcare Website Design Tips for 2021 to help you understand the latest medical website design trends and ideas.


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