To Grow Your Dental Practice, You Have To Start With The Online Patient Experience

To Grow Your Dental Practice, You Have To Start With The Online Patient Experience

A positive dental patient experience is the key to establishing and building a successful practice, no matter what type of dentistry you offer.

It’s no secret that dentistry is facing an unprecedented amount of competition. There’s no better time than now to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to patient retention and provide the latest technology to keep your patients coming back for more. Cultivating strong patient loyalty will ensure your practice runs smoothly in the long run.

Here are some tips for building patient loyalty:

Ensure Your Website Is Optimized

Your website is the first destination where a patient can read about you. If your website is not optimized, the patient can switch in a few seconds. They can read another doctor’s website, or they can use any search engine to find what they need— every second counts when it comes to generating new patients for your practice.

Speed is not just about making your user feel comfortable, but it increases the website’s usability. Advanced optimization techniques for mobile devices are not just used with a smartphone but also with a tablet. Today, more than half of internet traffic comes from mobile or tablet devices. So, if you want to be precise, then it is necessary that you consider the speed and mobile optimization.

The Benefits of Online Appointments Are Obvious

Online appointments are essential in our digital age, but the majority of dentists don’t realize it. Unfortunately, it is one of the common mistakes that happen in dental practice.

How many times has your office had dozens of missed calls, leaving you wondering what appointments they missed, only to find out later they’d like to schedule an appointment?

Let’s say you manage a small dental practice with one hygienist and two dentists, for instance, if your hygienist has Saturday as the only day in your office and you want to open up her calendar for that day, you can add her to your Saturday slot and allow patients to book directly with her on the website. Likewise, they can also book directly with the dentist using the website appointment option.

Online booking allows patients to check their schedules, confirm availability, and even make payments right on the website. So it not only helps you save time by cutting down on the number of call-ins you receive but improves convenience for your patients as well.

Appointment Reminder Message – Show You Care

It’s no secret that appointment reminders can make a significant impact on your dental office’s bottom line.

According to research, $150 billion is lost every year in the United States healthcare system due to missed appointments.

Appointment reminders can be a powerful tool for your dental office to streamline the patient scheduling process and ensure patients attend their appointments. Emails and texts can improve your practice’s appointment rates and minimize missed and late appointments by providing reminders and instructions ahead of time.

Given the digitalization and Covid situation, it is very important to provide patients with optimized websites that can easily be accessed through different smart devices to book online appointments and get reminder messages.

Nexerasoft’s Dental Website Experts can help you with your dental website and give your patients an uninterrupted experience. Contact Us today to learn more about it.

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